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Funding Requirements:


EX, EQ and TU scores must be 660+. Get your real scores here for $1.


Must maintain our credit monitoring account by clicking this link

3 Accounts+

Must have at least 3 primary credit accounts with at least 6 months history.

50% Utilization

Overall credit report should be under the 50% credit utilization threshold.


Must have no current accounts in dispute or fraud statements.


Must have no recent collections, preferably within the last 12 months.


Must have less than 8 inquiries per Bureau within the last 12 months.


Bankruptcies must be no less than two years old, but preferably none.

Government I.D.

You must have a government issued State I.D., Passport or Driver’s License along with a selfie.

Social Security Card

Must have a social security # and card to submit color copies of the front & back.

Bank Account

Must have a personal bank account. No business or pre-paid card accounts allowed.

Minimum Income

Income must be greater than $30,000 (no exceptions) and must be proven through documentation.


Once the prerequites are in place, proceed to the application by clicking here.

Signed Contact

Before moving into the funding phase, a contract must be signed for authorization.

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